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Professional Automotive lifts, tire changers and wheel balancers- Wholesale for sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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GTX- 1,000 LB M100c motorcycle lift with droptail - $629 GTX- 1,500 LB M1500c-hr motorcycle lift with droptail- $ 1,195 GTX- 9,000 LB 2 Post Lift with truck extensions Available in GTX9CF Clear floor or GTX9LL Low Ceiling model- $ 1,795 GTX - 8,000 4 POST VEHICLE STORAGE LIFT Model GTX8-70 Clearance under runway -$2,095 Model GTX8X -77 Clearance under runway -$2,295 Accu Line DSP100 Wheel Balancer -$1,595 Accu Line TCX200 Tire Changer capacity -$1,695 Accu Line TCX200 and DSP100 Changer/ Balancer combo Pkg -$ 2,895 Accu Line TCX400 Twin air assist / 29 capacity tire changer -$2,895 Accu Line tcx400 and DSP100 Changer/Balancer combo Pkg- $3,995 Accu Line Wheel service ships - no charge Lifts can be picked up at our factory warehouse WE HAVE BEEN SELLING PROFESSIONAL Automotive equipment since 1979. Fast Equipment has set up hundreds of garages and dealerships. Please visit our website - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist